Robredo’s ambition and chronic stupidity leads to 11-point drop in latest SWS survey

Robredo’s ambition and chronic stupidity leads to 11-point drop in latest SWS survey

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After all has been said and done, as far as alleged vice president Leni Robredo is concerned, more has been said than done. In other words, puro ka lang salita, walang gawa. Kaya tuloy ang survey ratings mo bumagsak by a whopping 11 points. Hay naku Leni, if that doesn’t make you wake the fuck up to the reality that people hate you, then you are either blind or just plain stupid. My bet is on stupid.

And partida pa yan sa lagay na yan ha. Aside from the well-organized public relations campaign to project Robredo as some sort of heroine, sinabayan pa nila ng demolition job against President Duterte that tried to trick people into believing that he was some sort of monster. So paano ngayon yan – who’s the monster now Leni?

Oh, and by the way, just in case you missed it because it wasn’t mentioned in the news reports – Robredo’s ratings decline actually marks the second time that her popularity has dropped since a September high of only 49%. Ibig sabihin nito ay halos kalahati na ang nawala sa mga dating sumusuporta kay Robredo.

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This just goes to show that the old adage about putting lipstick on a pig still holds true when dealing with people like Robredo. No amount of cosmetic, superficial gimmickry can distract the people from her incompetence and utter lack of scruples. The truth will always come out ika nga, and the truth about Robredo is that her ambition is writing checks that her popularity can’t cash.

While Robredo and her posse continue to delude themselves – most likely with the aid of copious amounts of alcohol and bullshit – that they are not only popular, but are also still relevant, the rest of the country just wants to move on. Filipinos are no longer interested in the Liberal Party’s whining about how Duterte is doing this, or Duterte is not doing that – and the sooner all these obstructionist assholes realize this the better it will be for all of us.

But sadly, the reality of it is that those who oppose the reforms that Duterte wants to push would most likely bulldog their agenda for the next six years. The fact that Robredo continues to play politics, knowing full well the damage her words and actions are causing the country, is a clear example of this blind loyalty to their party and their brand of politics.

Which is why the 2019 senatorial elections is crucial to achieving the change that we want for our country. 2019 is our best opportunity to show those who oppose the President that we are not with them. That we will make them pay for all their stupidity and incompetence that they have, for years, heaped upon our government. You see, all the contrary surveys notwithstanding, Robredo and her LP political handlers still believe they are the majority. So come 2019, it is time we bitch slap them back to reality by making sure that not one – not a single one – of the Liberal Party or their allies’ senatorial candidates win.

Most especially NOT Bambam Aquino and Mar Roxas. These two hold a special place in the country’s political hell – where they should be cast and kept locked up for fucking eternity.

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