SAP Bong Go invites starving Butuan boy to dine with the President

SAP Bong Go invites starving Butuan boy to dine with the President

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SAP Bong Go giving tokens to the Butuan boy of the viral Facebook post as they share a meal with President Duterte.

The internet has worked its magic again by bringing to fame a boy from Butuan who didn’t even have anything to pair with his baon of rice but soysauce and vinegar. Better yet, it brought him to dinner with the President himself thanks to the invention of SAP Bong Go.

A photoset posted to Facebook by an Abigail Lopez, though she says in her caption that she reposted the photos from another account, shows a young school boy sitting down by a tree to enjoy his meager lunch, ashamed to join his classmates because of the simple food he has been sent to school with. The caption deeply empathizes with the struggle the boy is going through, and the captions echo with similar sentiments. Some netizens relate because they too had gone through similar experiences.

The post quickly went viral. As of this writing it has over 29,000 comments and 22,000 shares. At least one of the shares, or the many tags in the comment section, did what it was supposed to do and signal boosted the story until it reached the right person.

SAP Chrisopher ‘Bong’ Go shared an update to the sad story which brings it to a happy ending. Go was so moved by the story that he found the boy in the viral post and invited him and his family to sit down to dine with Go and President Rodrigo Duterte. In Go’s caption, he shares the fruit of the happy meeting, including promises President Duterte made to the family like providing them with a home and finding their father stable work.

Go himself gifted the two children of the family with simple cellphones, a token of his care than they can take home from the gathering.

See the original viral post here:

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