Is special treatment and collusion in the SC hampering the Marcos protest

Is special treatment and collusion in the SC hampering the Marcos protest

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The 2019 national elections lies just around the corner, and yet the biggest mystery of the previous electoral exercise still remains unresolved. For the past 17 months, the nation has been forced to live under the shadow of doubt cast by Leni Robredo’s highly questionable “win” over vice presidential favorite, Bongbong Marcos.

The delay is largely due to the legal maneuverings of the camp of Robredo, led by Atty. Romy Macalintal. The good attorney has made a fortune out of his ability to tie up the country’s court systems with clever arguments and legal challenges that leave his opponents scrambling. And of course it doesn’t hurt when your client has good friends within the court itself.

This appears to be the case in Robredo’s successful rear guard action against Marcos. Atty. Macalintal has filed motion after motion to slow down the recount being requested by the Marcos camp. All of which, quite predictably, has been favorably supported by the ponente of the case, SC Justice Benjamin Caguioa. He also happens to be the classmate of former president Noynoy Aquino. And is rumored to have strong anti-Marcos leanings.

It is this happy confluence of good fortune that has allowed Robredo to successfully fend of Marcos’ legal attacks on her legitimacy as the second highest official of the land. Atty. Macalintal has been so good at his job that Robredo has been able to evade even the payment of millions of pesos in legal fees in connection with her counter lawsuit against Marcos.

But the question is why?

Why is Robredo, Macalintal, and Caguioa hell bent on delaying progress on the electoral protest of Marcos? Surely they already know that in the end, once the contested ballots have been recounted, then that would be the end for Robredo.

Well, they do and that’s precisely what they mean to prevent.

According to my sources within both the Liberal Party and Robredo’s camp, the strategy of the alleged vice president is merely to delay the process until 2019 in the hope that BBM will run be forced to run for senate, effectively abandoning his claim on the vice precedency.

And so far they have been quite successful. Ably guided by the legal maneuverings and delaying tactics of Atty. Macalintal, and aided by the the possible help of Justice Caguioa, Robredo has successfully clung to the Office of the Vice Presidency long after her welcome has been worn out.

Making matters worse is the fact that not only has Robredo stolen the office, she has also been unbelievably incompetent in doing the job that it requires. This double insult is enough to drive people crazy. And yet the Supreme Court remains adamant in its immovability and turtle like in its pace.

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