Speech transcript shows that Duterte DID NOT call God stupid

Speech transcript shows that Duterte DID NOT call God stupid

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In order to provide context to the on going debate on social and mainstream media regarding the statements made by President Duterte about God and the teachings of the Catholic Church, I am posting the actual transcript of his speech for people to discern what he actually said. And the context in which he said it.

While critics of the President insist that he crossed the line when he called God “stupid,” I believe that a more complete and careful reading of his speech shows that what he was actually referring to as being “stupid” are the teachings of the Catholic Church, which portray God as uncaring, irrational, and inutile.

His exact words were, “Who is this stupid God (in reference to the God described in the creation story of Adam and Eve, who created paradise only to destroy it Himself)? Estupido talaga itong putang ina KUNG GANON.” The last two words, which media reports skip over, are very important because this qualifies the entire statement. It is clear that Duterte is not insulting God, rather he is questioning how he is being presented by the priests and clergy.

Instead of blindly taking the word of mainstream media, we encourage people – especially so-called pastors and religious leaders – to take the time and read the transcript. Maybe then they can form their own opinions based on a clear understanding of what the President said, and not on the biased interpretations of people who are more interested in scoops and 10-second soundbytes than in presenting a complete story.

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