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The Yellow government and its allies, despite their interminable hatred for the Marcoses’ plundering, have only ever mastered one skill since being in power. That is stealing. They have stolen from the country its resources, its history and its faith in truth and justice.

1) EDSA was taken from the coffers of our history and became an Aquino legacy.
2) Taxes were taken from nation building, and became bait and grease money for political vendetta
3) Positive moments in history that were created under Marcos and Arroyo were yellow-washed, and became either reviled or reattributed to yellow supporters
4) Moments of spiritual quickening and contemplation became propaganda for the Yellows or against its enemies
5) Mainstream media has deprived the nation of facts and information, and has launched an attack on its own president and government using lies and obfuscation
6) Politicians and the clergy have invested in corporations that profit from the destruction of our environment and stealing the future from the next generation
7) The military and police have become patched and frayed by an internal battle between the honest and the corrupt.
8) Yellow officials today choose to take a break and a vacation instead of being with people who need them
9) Relief goods and funds meant for disaster stricken areas and people are taken.

All the Yellows do is take. Take. Take. They take our money. They take a picture. They take a break.

Now, a new president sits in Malacañang. And the trust and faith we put in him, instead of taking, he gives it back. He gives his attention. He gives his promise. He gives his time. He gives his presence. He gives a damn.

So when the Yellows dare to ask why we fight for Duterte, the answer is simple. It is because he doesn’t steal. He gives.

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