SWS Survey : 7 in 10 Filipino millennials say Duterte is a better President than Aquino

SWS Survey : 7 in 10 Filipino millennials say Duterte is a better President than Aquino

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A Social Weather Stations survey has revealed that 7 out of 10 Filipino millennials believe that President Rodrigo Duterte is doing a better job at running the country than his predecessor, Noynoy Aquino.

According to the SWS poll, in a head to head comparison, 73% of all Filipinos aged 18 to 24 say that Rodrigo Duterte’s performance as President is better than Aquino. The results remained the same across other age groups with Duterte getting the nod from those aged 25-34 with 76% (versus Aquino’s 7%), aged 35-44 with 71% (vs Aquino’s 6%), aged 45-54 with 64% (vs Aquino’s 10%), and aged 55 and up with 67% (vs Aquino’s 8%).

The survey was conducted from December 8 to 16, 2017 with 1,200 respondents nationwide.

(Update: While reviewing the images of the slides, I noticed that the date on the bottom is for December 2016. I looked at the data and the reliability of my source, and I have every reason to believe na typographic error lang ito. But syempre, for the sake of accuracy I am verifying the info again just to be sure.

So after checking on the official website of SWS, I was able to verify that the same typo can also be seen in other slides on the site (see photo below). This proves na authentic ung info.

Across the Philippines Duterte recorded a 70% approval rating as opposed to Aquino’s dismal 8%. The President got the highest assessment in Mindanao with 86%, followed by 73% in NCR, 64% in the Visayas, and 63% in balance Luzon. Aquino received 3%, 10%, 9%, and 9% respectively.

Among socio-economic classes, 91% of class A,B,C say Duterte was better than Aquino, followed by 72% from class E, and 69% from class D.

The survey also showed that 86%, or a majority of Filipinos continue to feel favorably towards the current direction of the government. This trend has lasted since the first month of the Duterte administration with 84%, and throughout 2016 and 2017.

The results of the survey validates what many Filipinos have been saying on social media, a message that has largely been ignored by mainstream media outlets, that they are sick and tired of the old way poltics was done in the country. And they welcome this new, unorthodox but effective method of dealing with red tape and the soul-sucking bureaucracy that has plagued the country for decades.

Perhaps this can be a wake up call to the opposition that people genuinely and without need for further provocation, despise them and what the stand for. But then again with the kind of shit for brains, candy ass, pussies they have at the helm of the Liberal Party I seriously doubt that they can change.

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