Cebu pacific

Cebu pacific

CebuPac Launches Pay-Later Cadet Pilot Program

Recognizing the importance of education and with a goal of producing skilled aviators, Cebu Pacific launched its Cadet Pilot training program on Tuesday ...
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MANILA — For someone to become a pilot, he/she needs to prepare PHP2 million to PHP3.8 million for a 12-month training program, according to Capt. Samuel Avila, vice president for ...
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Can you be dragged out of an overbooked flight in the Philippines?

DAVAO CITY, April 19, 2017 — What happens when your flight in a Philippine carrier gets overbooked? Can you also be dragged out of the plane in the same way ...
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Power tripping or just hardworking?

A scary incident happened during my flight to Manila from Davao City today. Just as the Cebu Pacific Air plane was about to land, the pilot suddenly pulled ...
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