Thank you, yellows

Thank you, yellows

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The yellows are doing what the Duterte administration should be doing for itself – consolidate all the pro-democracy forces here and abroad. And mind you, you have to give it to them for doing a very, very good job.
Normally, interest and support for a president wanes after six months for obvious reasons: the cracks start to show i.e. blunders become more pronounced and the novelty wanes.

The opposite is happening today.

President Rody Duterte who won with 16 million votes (there are reports it should be six million votes higher but that is a different story) is winning the support of many more.

Whatever you say of the man, there is no doubt that he is committed to the job. In stark contrast to his predecessor who played with his nephews when he was not asleep, Pres. Duterte is indefatigable. He has traveled extensively abroad and many times more to many places in the country. On multiple engagements.

And with no fanfare. 

Filipinos are waking up to the fact that the man, indeed, decided to run only because he realized none of the contenders then – particularly Mar “Missing Yolanda funds” Roxas, is capable of taking on the dangers threatening the nation.

And so while the media and the church, not necessarily in that order, provide the offensive arsenal that the yellows need to attack Pres. Duterte, the people cannot be swayed.

Of course, we have to give credit to the destabilizers for one thing: perseverance. That is also about the only positive thing with the devil. They just don’t give up.

The motivation is not difficult to see. The Hyatt 10 and their cohorts amassed so much wealth tracing all the way to GMA before they abandoned her and finally during PNoy’s reign where they pulled all stops.

If there is any doubt, just read the FB exchange which reminds us of thieves dividing the spoils. Nobody was fooled for a minute this was about money but few thought the yellows themselves would volunteer the evidence. 

But the admirable thing is that the Filipinos have finally awaken after decades of deception. And so while they watch TV, listen to the radio and read the newspaper (occasionally), they no longer swallow the news hook, line and sinker.

You cannot miss the orchestrated attack: the unrelenting negative news, the homilies and pastoral letters, the Lascanas somersault, etc. – they are part of the destabilization plot. There is no other logical conclusion.

It is to the credit of most that they no longer go to great lengths to deny this. Like a battering machine that has lost control, they just keep on hammering hoping that they prevail by sheer perseverance.

They can hammer all they want and the most that can happen is make the news in the mainstream media as predictable as the sun dying in the west.

The call to arms is being sounded not only by Duterte die-hards but ordinary Filipinos scandalized by the hypocrisy of those who did nothing when the drug syndicates lorded it over.

Many otherwise apolitical and disinterested people are leaving their comfort zones to support Pres. Duterte not necessarily because they approve the man and his methods.

Rather they do so because they feel the change that anti-Duterte forces foolishly and vainly deny.

It boggles the mind that Pres. Duterte might yet reach the peak of his popularity just as his critics empty their firepower on him.

Yes, the pro-Duterte forces are being consolidated – in Manila, in Cebu, Tokyo, Japan; Macau, China; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; London, United Kingdom; Madrid, Spain; Toronto, Canada; Paris, France; Hong Kong, China; in many Philippine cities, and of course Duterte’s nest, Davao City.

Duterte and his team could not have come up with a mobilization of this magnitude on their own.

Indeed, Pres. Duterte’s stock is rising, amazingly.

And you have to thank the yellows for that, hahaha!

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