The language of the forgotten

The language of the forgotten

By Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

- in Opinion

This is what Randy David said about us who support this President.

“This fight ultimately has to be waged in the internet itself by digital activists who refuse to have their reality defined by trolls that can neither spell right nor write grammatically, that resort to exclamation points to call attention, and that, most importantly, paint a world we cannot recognize.”

Prof David, there is a reason you will never recognize, much less understand the world inhabited by the uneducated. And it is this: the intellectual superiority you perceive is the sole property of you and your kind is nothing more than the cruel exclusivity of the elite that has pushed further and further away those who have little in life.

This is the lesson in the spectacular loss of Mar Roxas. A lesson you refuse to learn by your arrogance and exclusion of those who live on the fringes of society –those who have long been ignored by the ruling class, treated no better than trash.

It might be time for you to venture out of the security and comfort of the tenured life, Mr. David. There are so many things you don’t learn in the safety of the four corners of a classroom.

And one of this is the language of the Forgotten.

There is an eloquence in the faulty grammar and badly spelled words of the unlettered. But it is the kind of eloquence you can only hear with your heart—if you care enough to listen to them and not default on denigration—this denigration they’ve had to bear all their lives—and in the hands of those who ought to know better.

If you truly want to hear them and their stories of disenfranchisement (which I seriously doubt), you would need to go down and be with them—because as you intuited (but for all the wrong and cruel reasons), they do not have the words nor the skill nor the education to construct sentences that would make the cut with a supposedly learned man like yourself.

You would need to actually leave your cushy existence and go where they are and enter their homes to understand the rage they feel for the indifference they have suffered in the hands of the president you support—Noynoy Aquino– and the political and intellectual elitist of which you are part of.

There is an eloquence in the silent rage of the Poor that stands mute at the inability to express itself because elitist presidents made education unavailable to them. Something this President has given them in less than a year that he has sat in office.

There is an eloquence in the clenched fist and in words spelled all wrong and in poorly constructed sentences of the deeply wounded. Those who’ve been asked to carry far more than their fair share of burdens in life.

You are right though—those multitude of exclamation points? They really shout for attention. Only, you in your ivory tower have chosen to not just ignore but belittle and ridicule.

By disparaging them, you have denied them not just their reality but their humanity as well.

The collective fist of the Filipino people is raised against you and I see the confusion and bewilderment in your eyes.

This reality you force on us is yours and yours alone.

People like you who fancy yourselves as above those of us who support President Rodrigo Duterte are going to write, in perfectly constructed sentences and words spelled in painstaking perfection, your very own irrelevance as you waltz into the sunset of a life of obsolescence where you will be largely ignored or despised by the very people you look down on.

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