The Philippine Household

The Philippine Household

an allegory

Rocky Gonzales - Cocky Rocky
The Philippines is like a household which in the past 6 years has invested in expensive, flashy but unnecessary clothing and other accoutrements (like a fascinator or a feathered hat in terms of clothing or maybe a chef-grade banana slicer when it comes to appliances). It is stocked with ostentatious but useless items whose only value is to seem like it is rising in the economic, vis-a-vis social ladder. And in all of these wasteful expenditures, not a single one was to deal with its real problems like termites (drug trade), bad laundry (political color stains all over its local media and governance), food and nutrition (corruption in DAR and DSWD), etc.
The global village was perfectly happy and content that the jaundice-stricken Philippines was slowly decaying within as long as on the outside it seemed like it was keeping up with the Joneses.
But one day, a new head took charge of the household. He was rough and brusque and way too provincial. He broke down the decaying walls hollowed by the termitic drug lords and narcopoliticians to put up new and stronger ones. He washed away all the dirt and yellow stains from the national fabric (to use Thinking Pinoy‘s usual metaphor). He talked to his neighbor to share their communal fish pond. He gave back to the household in food, water and supplies all of their tax money.
The way we were no longer works because we have realized that the past administration has given us nothing but beautiful lies. At present, we are undergoing an uncomfortable but entirely necessary overhaul of the decayed and failed management of our corrupt past. It will be challenging. It will be painful. But we desperately need it. We need this change.

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