The silencing continues

The silencing continues

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Sass SezSass Sez

The account I used to create this page has been reported today. It was “temporarily locked” by Facebook until I verify my identity. I was able to, hence this letter.

I started experiencing these cowardly moves since July. I spoke out vocally about the conflict of interest of Albert del Rosario with the arbitration case against China, and I expressed my opinion that he’s not a patriot but a profiteer. Because of that, I received several emails and text alerts from Facebook, notifying me about someone trying to change my password.

Next, I started fiercely responding to my bashers, all of them anti-Duterte “disente” folks. My personal account received a gag order for 3 days.

Next, I called out an erroneous Nazi analogy made by an anti-Duterte page. My personal account had another gag order, but this time, for 7 days.

Then using my personal account, I wittily replied to a comment on this page, quoting Duterte’s sarcastic remark to police officers involved in the shabu trade: “Mag shabu na lang tayo!” My personal account is now gagged for 30 days.

Recently, I started pointing out the hypocrisy of Walden Bello, and virtually slapping Dick Malay with proofs of my existence, called out the lie that the CHR is limited to only address human rights violations committed by State actors, and what do I get in return? The FB profile I used to open this page got reported and was temporarily locked by FB.

Duterte is NOT the enemy of democracy. The enemy of democracy are those people – pro or anti Duterte – who cannot handle freedom of speech. Instead of courageously responding to reactions to their speech, these cowards silence other people. These people are the enemies of the most fundamental right that keeps democracy vibrant: Freedom of Speech.

But they will never silence me. And I refuse to be silenced. I will continue speaking up. I will continue making people familiar with realist political analysis of different issues. I will continue throwing political shade and write nasty political satire. And even if I were crushed into dust, I would still use my ashes to rise up, raise my fist with and for the people, and raise my middle finger against these cowards.

Sass Rogando Sasot

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