Three in four Filipinos happy with country’s direction

Three in four Filipinos happy with country’s direction

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The latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey shows than an overwhelming number of Filipinos, 75% to be exact, believe that the Philippines is developing in the right direction.

The SWS 2018 Third Quarter survey, conducted from September 15-23, showed that 75% of Filipinos would say that the country is headed in the right direction. The results show a 5% increase in popular favor compared to the 70% result registered in the June 2018 survey by the same group.

“The five-point rise in the nationwide proportion of those who say the country is in the right direction from June 2018 to September 2018 was due to increases in all areas,” said the SWS on their findings.

The highest number of favorable answers came from Mindanao, the home region of President Rodrigo Duterte. President Duterte is the first Mindanaoan president. The region gave a result of 89%, a two point increase from June 2018’s 87%.

The highest proportional increase came from Metro Manila. The results registered an 8 point increase in those who said the country was going in the “right direction”, growing from 57% to 65%. Balance Luzon followed with a 5 point increase (from 68% to 73%). Visayas registered a 3 point increase from 66% to 69%.

Rural areas also registered increased approval. Overall, rural areas showed a 4 point increase from the second quarter survey, going from 75% to 79%. Overall urban areas rose from 66% to 68%, a two point increase.

According to the SWS, the favorable belief in the country’s direction rose in classes D and E, as well as among non college graduates. Respondents from classes ABC registered a drop of 4 points, but satisfaction remained high at 76%.

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