Tommy Osmeña is petty AF

Tommy Osmeña is petty AF

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Former Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña is getting the last laugh. Image from PhilStar.

Outgoing Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña is the peak of petty.

Though Osmeña is leaving office, he’s still taking the office with him. As in, the physical office. The tiles, the furnishing, the lights and fixtures – gone baby, gone.

Cebu City Mayor-elect Edgar Labella learned of Osmeña’s Olympic-level passive aggressive skills on Monday when he arrived to a bare office. Labella’s camp said on Friday that they were entirely surprised to find out that the Mayor’s office had been stripped bare. Obviously, if you plan on pulling a Level S petty move like this, you aren’t going to spoil your own surprise.

No word as to whether a single CCTV camera was left in the office, so Osmeña could watch the moment Labella saw what he’d done. If he did, we hope he’ll post the video soon since we’d all like to see that too.

Labella’s camp is currently investigating the matter and will see if any administrative charges can be filed against Osmeña, given that they weren’t informed and this sort of interruption limits the service the new administration can provide the citizens of Cebu City.

However, according to Former City Administrator Bimbo Fernandez the repairs and finishing of the 8th floor Mayor’s office was initiated by Osmeña and funded out of his own pocket. This was after Osmeña’s request for 2 million in funds to beautify the office was denied by the administration he himself replaced. He thus has the right to clear it of any fixtures when he steps down.

Osmeña has yet to release a statement on the incident, probably because he’s got his hands full of used tiles and lighting fixtures.

This is apparently the circle of life in the Cebu City Mayor’s office.

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