A Transitional Revolutionary Government

A Transitional Revolutionary Government

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I completely disagree with people against a Rev Gov under Duterte because I completely trust Duterte. They are viewing Duterte using a jaded lens of a past teeming with corrupt and ineffective presidents.
The difference is Duterte.
Similar to how drug wars failed almost everywhere but succeeded in Singapore and which now looks to be succeeding in the Philippines, this is due to the fact that they had LKY and we, now, have PRRD. I have lived 3 months of every year from 1989 till 2004 in Singapore. I believe in a benevolent dictatorship.
In a Revolutionary Government fashioned after Cory’s 1987 one, only the executive and judiciary branches of government will remain. We abolish the legislative branch.  We will all be under one strong president until a new Constitution is crafted and a shift to Parliamentary-Federalism is finished. The point of this is to use it as a transitional government or tool to fast track these changes.
All government posts are appointed by the president. A commission will be formed by Duterte to write a new constitution. And this Revolutionary Government lasts until these two goals have been achieved.
The staus quo will be upset. Definitely. That is the point. We want to disrupt the corrupt practices and patterns in government.
The people’s support has not made the legislative branch of government more pliable to a change to Federalism. I find it to be an exercise in futility to continue to expect a drastic change in our political future whilst traversing the same path which perpetuates a system of governance and a social mechanism that damns it.
The current state of affairs is a brief respite from its course of careening into oblivion. And this is only because of Duterte’s strong political will and the people’s unwavering support. These can only serve as stop-gap measures or bandaid solutions to the symptoms of a corrupt system in a downward spiral.
The only means by which we can change what seems incontrovertible is through a drastic step which is to freeze the constitution. Amputate the corruption. Replace it with a new system. The longer route may also work, but a 72 yo strongman with a benevolent nature will not last the long haul. Rev Gov is the best fit for the factors that are at play in our current circumstances.
If it takes another people power movement, so be it. I find it an affectation of the affluent to find a sense of notoriety to the assemblage of the masses taking their causes to the streets. It is their prerogative. It is their right to assemble. It is, in fact, their duty to themselves and their country. This is the only clear and evident means by which the poor can be heard and seen, and not be lost in the cogs akd wheels of the bureaucracy of the rich.
Suffrage? Yes. But even that can be rigged and the masses have already said they want Duterte. What we want next is a drastic change that is not possible without Duterte in office. If we wait for another elections to set into motion or finish what Duterte started, the next president may easily undue his unfinished work, push the country back into the brink of being a narcostate and revert back to the old ways.
The only option besides an elections would be to have a people’s power movement. The only solution that will ensure that Duterte can take us from where we are to Federalism and a new constitution is through a Revolutionary Government.

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