“Troops Ni Leni”

“Troops Ni Leni”

by Dr. Lorraine T. Badoy

- in Opinion

May teorya ako tungkol kay Leni. Share ko sa inyo kasi para akong naliwanagan nung na-formulate ko sha sa utak ko– as in, nag-TWG ako mag-isa kaninang umaga habang tumatakbo (TWG= Technical Working Group of One. O dba? Gobyernong gobyerno haha)

Tingin ko troops talaga sila Leni at Bongbong and Binay. As in super duper hunnybunny kakampi talaga yang tatlo yan.

At siguro pinakiusapan ni Bongbong at Binay si Leni na, “Uy, resbak naman jan. Make us look good naman.”

Kasi poocha, dati ang SOLID ng asar ko sa dalawang yan–si Bongbong at Binay. At nanaisin ko pang maglaslas ng leeg ko kesa makitang Presidente at Bise-Presidente yang dalawang yan.

Pero ngayon, wow. Kaya ko na sila lunukin. Ang loving na nga ng tingin ko kay Binay no (“Awwwwww I miss you, you old laman lupang kuraks..for all your kurakotan, you DID get things done…UNLIKE *turo nguso kay cover girl*)

And miracle of miracles! May LONGING akong manalo si Bongbong sa electoral protest nang mapalitan na ang TOOT TOOT TOOT na potang Leni na yan (haha may nakalusot na isang mura.) at nang umusad naman ang bansa natin. JUSMEH. IMMA CHANGED WOMAN!

Leni Robredo has made the worst of us look REAL good. THAT’S how baaaaaaad she is. Worster than worst.

And what does it say about the party of losers, these party of disgusting disentes–the Liberal Party–that this lazy girl is their best card? The unfortunately unqualified Leni Robredo as their front liner–the ace up their sleeve.

You can’t help but feel real sorry for them, these bunch of elitist losers.

What makes them think they can outwit the wily political strategist, Rodrigo Duterte? Even more important– what makes them think they can steal this overwhelming mandate given by the Filipino people to this man? What makes them think we will take this sitting down?

Nothing but the hateful elitist mindset that thinks everything has a price and that what they say goes.

Well, sooner than later, they’re gonna wake up bloodied and bruised because this man, our President, is not only highly appreciated by the Filipino people but much loved.

Which is so much more than you can say about the highly reviled Leni Robredo.

Leni Robredo the hunnybunnybest buddy of Bongbong and Binay.

O, diba, may sense yung teorya ko? 😀 😀

You’re welcome.

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