US drops “Mother Of All Bombs” near Afghan town

US drops “Mother Of All Bombs” near Afghan town

but the European Union's silence is more deafening than the blast

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Rhetorical question of the day: If the United States drops a massive bomb near a town in Afghanistan and the European Union does not make a sound, does that mean no human rights have been violated?

After continually criticizing the Duterte administration based on unverified reports from the media that more than 7,000 people have been killed in the government’s war against the illegal drug trade, the European Union has been characteristically quiet in condemning the United States military’s use of an 11-ton bomb in Afghanistan.

While news reports talk of about his 36 militants killed by the bomb, most are silent on the possibility of a larger number of civilian casualties from using the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the US arsenal on a target located so close to a town.

The ordinance used, a GBU-43/D Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB), has a blast radius that stretches a mile in both directions from the bullseye. Earning it the nickname, Mother Of All Bombs for its power to decimate and destroy anything that lies in its path. Caves, tunnels, buildings, homes – none of these structures can shield you from a MOAB blast.

But who cares right? This after all is the United States fighting for the freedom of the entire world from the evils of ISIL, and not just some flyspeck third world country in South East Asia fighting to protect its people from the growing threat of narco politics.

For Filipinos, it is this kind of double standard that is so infuriating. Particularly for OFWs who are forced to take the brunt of the unfair criticisms hurled against Duterte and his government. As the saying goes, mahirap talagang gisingin ang nagtutulog-tulogan.

Just the other day I was watching a video of a father talking about losing his entire family, including his twin daughters, to a chemical weapons attack in Syria and I could just imagine the last moorings of sanity snapping as he cradled his dead children in his arms. Regardless of who dropped the bomb, all the country’s that are involved in that war are equallyguilty of allowing such atrocities to happen.

It was actually that gas attack that prompted Donald Trump to launch a 59-Tomahawk missile attack on Syrian government forces the other day. And again, very few reports have talked about the civilian deaths resulting from the attack.

And here we have the US dropping more bombs in Afghanistan, and still the champions of human rights remain silent.

There are no talks of economic sanctions, no threats of hauling Donald Trump’s sorry ass before the International Criminal Court, of prosecuting him for crimes against the people of Afghanistan, or even just the of mildest condemnations. What happened EU, cat got your tongue? Or does The Donald hold simply your balls in his palm, and all he has to do is squeeze a little and you all become castratos?

Tang ina nyong mga puti kayo. Ang tapang ninyong mambatikos sa amin without even verifying the data, pero pag kaalyado ninyo ang may ginawang hindi tama bahag naman ang mga buntot nyo. Panindigan ninyo ang tapang ninyo.

If you want to salvage any sort of credibility, then in the same vein that you have been critical of the Duterte administration’s war against illegal drugs, you must also be just as forceful in condemning American excesses in its war against terror.

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