Watch: Is Andrew E a plagiarist?

Watch: Is Andrew E a plagiarist?

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Internet forum Reddit is abuzz with the ‘unbelievably blatant plagiarism’ of Andrew E’s 1990 hit song ‘Humanap ka ng panget’. On an r/Philippines thread, user _Antonius pretty much broke the internet with the revelation of the copy. The post links to a song called ‘Find an Ugly Woman’ by Cash Money Marvelous, an American hip hop group. After, the post links to the Andrew E. song in question. Listening to them both, the similarities between the songs are too many to ignore. Some users go so far as to say that Andrew E. did nothing but tagalize, or translate into Filipino. The songs share the same flow, tempo, rhythm and the lyrics are undeniably similar. However, Cash Money Marvelous released their song in 1988, a full two years before Andrew E.

‘Humanap ka ng panget’ enjoyed massive success in the Philippines. The song even spawned a movie of the same title. The song was the debut of Andrew E.’s career.

But following the thread reveals even more issues with Andrew E.’s discography. Another redditor andrewsilverio shared links to a further two videos: Tune Loc’s ‘Funk Cold Medina’ and Andrew E.’s ‘Andrew Ford Medina’. Again, the songs are uncannily similar but with one key difference: Tune Loc’s was released in 1989 and Andrew E.’s in 1990.

The news comes as a shock to Andrew E. fans. The impact on the rapper and entertainer’s legacy and career is still to be seen, but usually this kind of deceit causes a serious loss of credibility. Andrew E. has stated before that he wrote ‘Humanap ka ng panget’ on a bus, and has never given an indication that his songs could be parodies. Perhaps he didn’t anticipate how the internet could expose his source material almost 30 years later.

Andrew E. has yet to respond.

Read the entire reddit thread here.

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