Who is Pete Silva and why is (nearly) everybody afraid of him?

Who is Pete Silva and why is (nearly) everybody afraid of him?

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Who’s afraid of Pete Silva?
Certainly not Thinking Pinoy, Sass Rogando Sasot, MOCHA USON BLOG and social media warriors and certainly not the majority of Filipino people who have been logically outraged by the #LeniLeaks scandal.
It was the former who first unloaded the bomb about the plot to topple President Rody Duterte by throwing the sink at him and from there mobilize traitors to the Constitution and democracy to justify a power grab.

They did their share and now continue to be the object not only of insults, ridicule and insinuations from the yellow crowd but even threats from evil forces who don’t want the plot exposed.

And certainly not the latter, the millions of Filipino who have since been left wondering what is keeping the normally inquisitive mainstream media very, eerily quiet on him.

Well, for starters, the major networks and giant dailies seems afraid to touch Pete Silva with a ten-feet pole. If they were not, they would be asking all the normal questions about him, and from him, – which they have not done up to this time.

If this Pete Silva was working for any branch of government identified with Pres. Duterte, you can be sure as the sun rises in the morning that he would be peppered with all sorts of questions all he would be doing from sunrise to sunset is to respond to them.

But since he works for Vice President Leni Gerona, there has been practically none.

A virtual blackout.

And so until this time, this Pete Silva remains a mystery, a phantom, even a ghost. All because those who beat their breasts as the defenders of the truth suddenly decided to lay off him – as if heeding the orders of a common taskmaster.

Certainly not the lawmakers who share VP Gerona’s colors.

Where are Senators Frank Drilon, Kiko Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino and, of course, Leila de Lima and Sonny Trillanes? Not a whimper.

How about their soul mates in the Lower House: Representatives Edcel Lagman, Ted Baguilat and yes, Davaoeno Tom Villarin? Not a word.

Where are all the ideologues, the vanguards of democracy from the church, the academe, the NGOs and the rest of those who raved and ranted when Pres. Duterte teasingly said he might declare Martial Law, why are their lips shut when from right inside the OVP this Pete Silva coordinates and directs plot to consistently undermine and eventually unseat a popularly and democratically elected President?

It is only the Duterte social media warriors that have been keeping the torch alive – and even this might be swept under the rug with the avalanche of issues confronting the President.

Pete Silva, it seems, is one who commands such respect, if not fear from the supposedly fearless segments of society.

And out of this fear, he is about to walk away without being held accountable for his involvement in a plot that seeks nothing less than the removal of Pres. Duterte and – of course – the assumption of his boss, no other than VP Gerona.

Who is afraid of Pete Silva?
Now you know.

#LeniLeaks #LeniResign #TheLyingVP

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