Winter in Thailand


Winter in Thailand

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Living in sweltering Bangkok always makes us look forward to the cooler season of December and January. I’m normally not fond of cold weather but a break from the humidity is always a delight. Even though it has been feeling cooler than usual lately (with temp starting at 21 degrees in the morning), we took the chance to visit a way cooler place and just to get away from the city. In all honesty, this family always finds reasons to get away. :p

Khao Kho was the perfect choice for us because none of us have been able to visit that part of Thailand yet. Khao Kho is a popular district in Petchabun province, well-known for its “sea mist” view and is about 5-6 hours north of Bangkok by car. We didn’t see the sea of mist while we were there because it was already “winter” time.

We had booked our accommodations around August because we didn’t want to run out of options. We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in two different hotels, which gave us different yet stunning views.

Our convoy left at 4 in the morning because we wanted to get there around 10 or 11. The drive to Petchabun was very smooth and though we expected a traffic congestion along the way due to the popularity of Khao Kho during the holidays, we didn’t get caught in anything. Always best to leave early! 🙂

This is also one thing I appreciate about Thailand — it doesn’t matter where you’re going or how far, roads will always be beautifully paved. From Petchabun to Khao Kho, that was when the road, terrain, and the scenery changed and you know you’re in for something really amazing. Rolling hills, steep climbs, and winding roads, dense trees, valleys, and blue skies, it was just surprise after surprise on every turn and we rolled our windows down for the most part to feel the cool and fresh air.

For the rest of the story on the journey, click on the photos 🙂 (Still taken with my trusty iPhone SE.)


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