Why I withdrew my support for Robredo

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Why I withdrew my support for Robredo

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My detractors are now circulating an article I wrote in 2015 about supporting VP Robredo. Yes I wrote that. Now, do you want to know why I have now withdrawn my support? I have lots of reasons, but let me limit it to two:

1. After the elections, Robredo’s win was questioned. To think for myself, I examined the election results at the precinct level, specially the results in certain areas in Mindanao. The results in Basilan are highly questionable for me. That’s why I support a recount of the votes.

In my personal FB, I wrote a post about this on June 11.

“The attached photo shows that Robredo got all the votes while ALL the other candidates got zero. You would expect that this would happen more in any of the district in the Ground Zero of her bailiwicks: Naga City. But if you are going to comb through the Election Returns of the districts in Naga City, you wouldn’t see this magnificent outcome.

This photo is from Bohenange, Lamitan City, Basilan. In fact, you will see these almost similar spectacular results in a lot of districts in Tuburan, Lamitan, Akbar, and Sumisip, Basilan.

Why can’t you see this in Naga City? Why in cities in Basilan, which is part of the vote shaving/inflating capital of the Philippines?”

2. In August, a group of OFWs who were victimised by the housing developer ProFriends approached me, asking to help them popularise their cause. I told them to approach the office of VP Robredo as she’s the housing czarina. They told me they already did but her office was unresponsive for ONE MONTH already!

Compared this to what happened to the so-called “buntis” issue recently. The Office of the VP responded so fast, releasing a statement attacking ONLINE TROLLS! The mainstream media covered it. My post about the group “Buntis FOR Robredo” was spinned into “Buntis SI Leni Robredo.” Robredo supporters mobilised to defend her tooth and nail. Why the fuck Robredo’s office didn’t do the same thing to PROFRIENDS which didn’t treat OFWs fairly?! ONLINE TROLLS lang ba ang kayang banggain ng Office of the Vice President?!

Now, can someone tell me why the Office of the VP didn’t exert the same ENERGY to address immediately the concerns of the OFWs against ProFriends?

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