Xian Gaza is human garbage

Xian Gaza is human garbage

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Remember Xian Gaza? The slimey nyeeeew-screaming piece of human garbage that went viral for renting a huge billboard to ask out actress Erich Gonzales?

Then it turned out that he was a big fraud who scammed many people out of their hard earned money just so he can pretend to be rich and successful?

Yeah, that guy.

Well yesterday he posted a story to his Facebook about how he fled the Philippines. In his twisted mind, he managed to spin fleeing the country the illegally as his hero story.

Read his post below:

The Department of Justice and the Bureau of Immigration have since debunked Gaza’s story, calling it harmful fake news. I call is the desperate cling to relevancy of a pathetic man.

So why write about it? Why be affected by what is so obviously an attention-hungry troll?

Because we would like nothing more than to see this repeat-criminal behind bars and we would like to make sure this stirs up enough outrage to ensure that he is chased down and his social media accounts taken away from him.

He deserves not only to serve time but to be shown that without his constant publicity-grabs, he matters nothing to anyone.

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