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There are a few points we’d like to address and quite a few things we’d like to correct in Senator Grace Poe’s recent statements on ANC’s Headstart with Karen Davila.

During the interview, Poe made several statements regarding the her misplaced and unwarranted Senate hearing on ABS-CBN, many of which were deeply disturbing and incredibly misleading to the viewing public.

We are here now to step in and address Poe’s wild claims.

Here is her statement:

“First of all, I really decided not to inhibit myself to make a stand on the matter. Number 1, I am the chairman of the Committee on Public Services. Number 2, it’s no secret, the relationship of my family with ABS-CBN, the business relationship. But Number 3, I’m only one of 24 senators, whatever I say even if I’m for it or against it, if the majority will not side… my opinion it will not prevail. And how do you determine if there is fairness in a proceeding? Particularly with a chairman, the chairman of the hearing will allow everyone to speak. Speaker Cayetano is a very intelligent politician and he’s been a lawmaker for many years, he should know that it’s in the Constitution that grants both Houses of Congress the right to oversight.”

Grace Poe

No Senator Poe.

1. You did not inhibit yourself and you DID NOT even make a declaration in the beginning of your hearing that your family has business interests with ABS-CBN and stands to lose millions if ABS is shut down.

2. Do not assume, Senator Poe. It is still your responsibility to inform the nation of your business interests.

3. No, Senator Poe. You are not merely one of 24 senators. You are the Chairman of the Committee on Public Services and you have used your power for the following:

  • Called for a hearing despite having nothing substantial to discuss (some say was really a press conference)
  • Two times you blocked the SEC’s attempt to tell the public what PDRs are (which is one of the issues being raised against the network). 2 Senators asked the SEC and 2 times you stopped the SEC from explaining on nationwide TV. Instead, you asked them to just write to your committee, depriving the public of this vital information.
  • You also used your power NOT to invite those who have grievances with the network. You made sure only those who had good things to say were allowed to speak.

Despite the multiple serious allegations and the lines of aggrieved parties looking for a venue to air their legitimate complaints, Senator Poe used her hearing to give ABS CBN’s executives a chance to explain their side.

To all this we say: No, Senator Poe. Stop this farce. You cannot trick us into giving into your friends in ABS-CBN. Despite your best efforts to block it, the media giant will have its day of reckoning, when all the facts will come to light and they will get what they deserve.

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