Duterte’s Words Force People to Re-Examine Own Values

Duterte’s Words Force People to Re-Examine Own Values

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Seeing the world through children's eyes.

Whether you like what he says or not, one thing that people can surely agree on is that the pronouncements of Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte get people talking.

From stirring the foreign policy pot with his position on the South China Sea and the readjustment of the Philippines’ relations with the United States and China, to attacking the previously inviolate Catholic leadership, media, and the elite of Philippine society, Duterte and his statements have been nothing short of controversial.

And as a result of his not-exactly PC views on women, Duterte has also ignited the debate on sexism and the objectification of women in Philippine society. But while he has been taken to task for his views and actions, media and the moral watchdogs have largely been silent on all the other manifestations of sexist behavior in our popular culture.

In this public service ad (PSA) by agency Badger & Winters, titled “What Our Kids See,” we are shown the reaction of children exposed to advertising images that are plastered on billboards all over our cities. The comments of the kids show very clearly that we have lost our way long before Duterte came into the picture.


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