Agatha Wong shuts down haters with epic tweet: I AM A FILIPINA

Agatha Wong shuts down haters with epic tweet: I AM A FILIPINA

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Agatha Wong. Photo from ABS-CBN.

Agatha Wong made history by bagging two gold wushu medals for the Philippines in the early days of the SEA Games. Specifically, she won the top honors for the women’s taolu taijiquan and taolu taijijian events. Back in 2017, she also won a gold for the country. But some small, petty-minded people decided that this golden girl wasn’t enough for them and her amazing performances haven’t earn her the right to carry the Philippine flag. Why?

Because Agatha Wong’s last name is Wong.

Yes, some people actually tried to diminish these huge achievements because Agatha Wong has a Chinese surname.

That’s right. In this year of our Lord 2019, some idiots thought their xenophobic opinions still have a right to exist. Worse, they decided to actually articulate these harmful, hurtful, and downright disrespectful attacks.

Wong, however, proved both her strength and her grace once again by responding to these trolls with an epic clapback.

In a tweet on Saturday, Wong ended the xenophobic discussion around her name and nationality with an epic shutdown.

“My last name’s Chinese & yet I am a Filipina; more than anything. I was born in the Philippines, grew up in the ph & represent the Philippines wherever I go. Mahal ko ang bayan ko,” read Wong’s tweet.

“So don’t tell me I’m Chinese kaya ako nanalo. Nanalo ako dahil Pilipino ako, at lalaban ako,” she continued.

Shut em down, Agatha! Louder for the people in the back.

Worse, this isn’t the first controversy that Wong has faced in these Games. 

In her heartbreakingly inspiring victory post after winning her medals for the 30th SEA Games, Wong made a special shoutout to all the haters who told her that “Wushu wasn’t a sport”. She then listed the numerous injuries and other physical tolls training had taken on her 21-year-old body – including a slipped disk. It was a challenge to these people to once again tell her that her passion isn’t as athletic as any other event in the Games. Obviously, the haters had nothing to say.

Keep on doing you, Agatha. You are an inspiration to youth athletes, Filipinos, and pretty much everyone else in the whole world.

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