Alleged-VP Robredo asks Filipinos to “break silence” – who the f*ck is she talking to?

Alleged-VP Robredo asks Filipinos to “break silence” – who the f*ck is she talking to?

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Alleged Vice President Leni Robredo is living on an entirely different planet with her made-up version of the Philippines, together with all her imaginary friends. While speaking as the keynote speaker for the 61st Ramon Magsaysay Awards, Robredo warned that the public should fight against the “silence and indifference that have long oppressed many of our peoples”, citing the times as a period where human rights are being violated and democracy is being threatened, etc, other crap.

My question is, who are you talking to, lady?

Your silent majority is a concept subscribed to by you and your other cohorts who still believe you have the birthright to be leaders.

Filipinos have very much not been silent. Anti-administration voices are in no short supply. They have the bishops, the international press, and mainstream media on their side. But they are sad sorry losers because they are not on the winning side. Thus is the birth of the myth that they must have allies who have their same beliefs because these are right and good and progressive.

But here’s the truth – President Duterte has been enjoying high approval ratings since he assumed office. At the rate he’s going, he may leave a legacy of being the most popular Filipino president in history. 69% of Filipinos are satisfied with the state of the country’s democracy. Pro-administration Filipinos are voicing their opinions all over as well. They post on social media. They support government initiatives. They line the streets abroad to declare Maria Ressa the lying scum she is. They tell self-serving and delusional politicians like the alleged VP exactly how wrong she is.

Filipinos have again and again been saying it in big, block letters: Filipinos are happy they finally have President Duterte. The only real oppression is a political party that can’t even fathom the idea of losing that they cry for the death of democracy, not realizing that being on the losing side is part and parcel of the system. They cry for democracy yet refuse recounts even though it’s obvious that things were rigged. What Robredo wants for her to be free to maintain an ideological dictatorship and her friends to own the country again.

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