As country celebrates SEAG wins, Rappler resorts to conspiracy theories and anonymous reports to continue negative agenda

As country celebrates SEAG wins, Rappler resorts to conspiracy theories and anonymous reports to continue negative agenda

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Is that all you can say?

Nearly everyone has been impressed by the SEA Games. Even with some valid logistical hiccups at the beginning, the event has been praised as a wild success by both athletes and international organizers. In fact, the initial negative media coverage of the Games has been discovered to be a biased attack aimed at blowing minor issues way out of proportion.

Again, while some of these hiccups did happen, it is a normal part of an event of this scale and they were by no means the norm. The real failure was the media’s selfish politicizing of these events.

But since then, nearly everyone has moved away from politics and on to the side of Team Philippines. Why be divided when we can share the bleachers and cheer for our athletes? We have a lot to be proud of – that spectacular Opening Ceremony which barely left a dry eye in the entire Philippine Arena, the amazing performances of our athletes, the Gold medals that just keep piling up for our nation. It’s been a great three days for Philippine sports.

Everyone except for Rappler is on board. You know that one. It’s the tax-evading, foreign-owned blogging site pretending to be a news portal. In the wake of the Opening Ceremony which everyone else loved, one of their frequent contributors, Raissa Robles, just had to compare Duterte to Hilter because apparently the SEA Games are a show of political might and nothing else.

Now, they stand alone in their corner, still crying wolf about the SEA Games and how it is bad, and the administration is bad, and they are being silenced, and blah blah, all the usual things they cry about. This morning, they released some “expose” which claims that the Big Bad Government is orchestration a Good News blitz for the SEA Games in an attempt to silence the poor media who dare speak up against the oppressive Duterte regime or something, and this is why the media have been living in hell for over 3 years. Like Maria Ressa would say, it’s worse than any war zone she’s reported from!

Except she’s never been a war-zone correspondent. She was a CNN correspondent who wrote about war zone footage sent to her hotel rooms.

And just like their CEO, Rappler is playing the victim and the entitlement card every hand.

In one of their latest articles, they collected the story of a number of volunteers “found through Twitter and individually verified by Rappler” and posted the anonymous accounts of these supposed SEA Games failures.

This same article also listed the supposed sins of the SEA Games, including logistical blunders (which again, were the exception and not the rule), “insufficient food for the delegates” (which has been proven fake news), and other exaggerated or false claims. Then they linked to their piece of “netizens” being embarrassed by these supposed SEA Games “fails” – nevermind that the positive hashtags of #WeWinAsOne and #SEAGamesNotAFailure have been trending for nearly a week not, but the negative one died out in just a day.

We’re all trying to support our athletes here, Crabbler. If you can’t put aside your hatred for all things fun and related to President Duterte, could you at least try to be less obvious when you’re trying to ruin it for everyone else? You’re obsessed with making issues out of nothing. Your need to turn everything and anything under the sun into a takedown of the administration is not only sad, but it’s also tone-deaf. Don’t you see that the who SEA Games is a fail ship has sailed off? We’re all on Team Philippines now, except for you. Don’t you have anything else to say?

Those are rhetorical questions. We all know your paid scripts don’t have any other content.

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