Australian couple rescue puppy from two-meter long python

Australian couple rescue puppy from two-meter long python

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Wally the puppy is one lucky dog.

The 10-week old puppy was saved by his owners from the jaws of death on November 24. The poor pup, a wolfhound cross, was discovered in what looked like “a crime scene” with a two meter long python wrapped around it.

“We heard a horrible sound and we thought he might have fallen or got stuck so we ran downstairs, and it was like something from a horror movie,” Sunshine Coast woman Kelly Morris said.

Her and her partner found a pool of blood, which led them to their crying puppy, yelping in pain.

“There was fluid everywhere, he’d weed and pooed himself and there was blood everywhere.”

The couple sprung to action, trying to uncoil the massive snake. Wally the puppy’s head was trapped between its fangs.

Luckily, the couple was able to subdue the reptile and free their puppy who miraculously came out of it without any major injuries.

“He appeared to be OK, but his little eyes were starting to roll back in his eyelids,” Ms Morris said.

“There was a lot of noise and the girls [our daughters] were getting upset, the commotion woke them up.

“We managed to get it off and into a pillowcase and put the snake in a rubbish bin so it couldn’t get anywhere.

“We took [Wally] to the emergency vet in Tanawha and they did an X-ray on his little rib cage and everything to make sure he was OK.

“They gave him some heavy painkillers and antibiotics, he got a bit of a bruised lung on one side and they said to keep an eye on him.”

The puppy had only been with the family for a few weeks when the incident happened.

He is currently recovering well.

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