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Noynoy Aquino is interested in who killed Mayor Espinosa

Noynoy Aquino, the former president of the Philippines under whose term illegal drugs were rampantly manufactured and sold from within the country’s jails and prisons, has suddenly taken ...
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Mark Mobius, Lorenzo Tan bullish on Duterte reforms

Investor confidence in the Philippines remains strong among local and international investors, especially with the reforms being instituted by President Rodrigo Duterte. This was the sentiment shared by ...
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Exploring the links between De Lima and Matobato

With all the charges being hurled against Leila de Lima, from coddling drug lords to funding her senatorial campaign using drug money, is it far-fetched to suppose that ...
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Government, bizmen debunk rumors of economic collapse being spread by Roxas fanatics

Finance news
Economy Opinion
Towards the end of Presidential campaign in the Philippines when it was clear that Mar Roxas was going to lose, his supporters began spreading reports that if Rodrigo ...
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Displaced farm workers see NGOs as allies of the NPA

Over 1,500 farm workers and employees have lost their jobs when Dole-Stanfilco, a multinational banana firm operating in Tagbina, Surigao del Sur has shut down its operations on ...
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Superhumans say ‘yes, we can’ in new ad for Rio Paralympic Games

Professional race car driver Bartek Ostalowski lost his arm in a motorcycle accident, but not his will to win.
Feature Life
More than 140 differently-abled people from all walks of life participated in the making of an inspiring new ad for the world Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil. The ...
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