Chito Gascon Shows true colors, betrays his country for the Liberal Party

Chito Gascon Shows true colors, betrays his country for the Liberal Party

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Chito Gascon, the Liberal Party factotum who also moonlights as chairman of Philippine Commission on Human Rights, literally showed off his true colors during the recent Universal Periodic Review of the country’s human rights record before the United Nations Office of the High Commission on Human Rights (UNOHCR) when he wore a bright yellow tie covered with those iconic Ninoy Aquino eyeglasses.

Gascon could not have made his bias more obvious had he worn an Aquino mask over his head, strapped a speaker on his back, and danced to the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” while waving that fucking tie like a banner.

But then again members of the Liberal Party are not particularly known for being subtle in declaring their political loyalties. Or for being smart.

Because of his choice in ties, Gascon made it clear where his loyalty stands when the interest of the country is at stake. He is for the Liberal Party, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. He will gladly throw all of us under the bus to advance his and his party’s political agenda. Just like Leni Robredo, when she lied about the facts related to the Duterte administration’s campaign to eradicate the illegal drug trade. Just like Leila de Lima, when she practically begged the international community to come in and interfere in our local affairs. Just like Atty. Sabio, when he filed that nonsense case against President Duterte before the International Criminal Court. At the rate the LP is going they should just change their name from Liberal to the Laglag Party.

On the local front, Gascon has just made it even more difficult – if not impossible – for the CHR to overcome the burden of proof that it is not being used for political purposes. Public distrust of Gascon is already at an all time high, and his recent sartorial stupidity is certainly not going to help in easing it.

It is time for Gascon to consider a change in careers. Or rather, a return to his old job with the Liberal Party. He has worn out his welcome as the guardian of human rights – which last I checked is a right held by those who oppose his continued stay in the CHR.

Gascon as CHR is as incongruous as a monkey driving a car. Just because he can be trained to do it, doesn’t mean it is a good idea. He is danger to himself, and more importantly, the people around him. And trivial as it may appear at first, his choice in clothing at such an important international occasion, is clear proof that this yellow monkey has to go. He has to go now.


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