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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte with ABS-CBN Lingkod Bayan Foundation chair Gina Lopez. Photo courtesy of City Mayor's Office

I’ve watched the confirmation hearing of Gina Lopez. And here’s the deal. The problem with the mining industry is that they are losing on the game of persuasion. The mining sector has not presented a moving and compelling case for what they are doing. Their arguments are dry, relying so much on cold figures of how much could be earned from their operation, their arguments have no sense of humanity in them. But Gina Lopez is passionate, she presented her case with the force of authenticity, necessity, and most of all URGENCY. When Gina speaks, one can feel one’s heart beating. That woman was appointed because it’s time to shake up our complacency.

Gina Lopez confirmation presentation wasn’t about her but about the potential of our country. Gina presented a VERY COMPELLING NATIONAL VISION that combines arguments based on beauty and utility that no mining company nor their supporters have ever done so far.

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Sass Rogando Sasot
A transpinay based in The Hague, Sass Rogando Sasot is studying at Leiden University, pursuing an MA in International Relations, working on a thesis on how a systemic change led to the rivalry of the coastal States of the South China Sea. In 2013, Sass became the first Filipino to receive the ECHO Award, given annually to excellent migrant students in academic and higher professional education in The Netherlands. In 2014, she graduated magna cum laude at Leiden University College-The Hague, with a Combined Major in World Politics and Global Justice, minor in International Development, with courses on U.S. Foreign Policy and International Relations of China take at UCLA. She has at least 10 years of practical international experience.

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