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Artist, anti-administration critic, and renowned-mass crasher Carlos Celdran has passed away from natural causes, just days after he tweeted “Good. Now die. Please. Kthanxbye.” in reply to the news that President Duterte has a chronic autoimmune disorder.

Celdran rose to fame as a performance artist in 2010, when he interrupted an ecumenical service in the Manila Cathedral attended by Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, the Papal Nuncio, former Philippine Ambassador to Rome Henriette De Villa, and leaders of different Christian denominations. Celdran held a sign saying “DAMASO”, in reference to the character by national hero Jose Rizal. His protest earned him a conviction for “offending religious feelings” from the Supreme Court (SC). He never served his sentence.

Celdran said that his stunt was a protest against the Church for its stance against the Reproductive Health Bill.

Since 2016, Celdran has been a harsh critic of President Duterte and his supporters, who he called “BPO Millenials”. From the elections and throughout President Duterte’s term, Celdran remained a vocal critic of Davao’s former mayor. He was especially critical of the President’s foreign policies relating to China.

A number of Celdran’s public statements have gone viral – specifically his “classist” and anti-religion statements. He once responded “Pwet Senor” to a photo of a Sto. Nino statue with President Duterte’s face photoshopped on to it and then defended the move against the following backlash by saying “Is that the Santo Niño you see? No it is not. It’s a picture of Digong superimposed on the Santo Niño. Therefore, it is NOT an image of the Santo Niño at all. So if we follow logic, my reply/comment: ‘Pwet Señor’ was aimed at Digong and NOT at the Santo Niño at all. But then again, if you cannot tell the difference between the two, that isn’t my problem anymore.”

He also attacked critics of Former Department of Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas, who lost to President Duterte in 2016. Calling President Duterte’s supporter’s “Millenial BPO” workers “in skinny Uniqlo jeans” “fucking twats” for being upset with Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party over the number of issues which plagued the release of plate numbers. He also added “Oh and don’t compare us to Singapore either. Really. Without that readily available promo fare, you wouldn’t even know what Singapore looks like.”

Celdran was a frequent traveler. He met his demise in Spain, where he was staying to avoid his imprisonment in the Philippines after the Supreme Court convicted him for his “Damaso” stunt.

He also called “Dutertards” “fucking delusional and lazy” and “either stupid or a child or both” then accused them of wanting democracy handed to them on a silver platter.

Celdran kept up his distaste for President Duterte until his final days. Celdran’s last tweets were targetting President Duterte’s health and his relationship with China. Besides his death wishes, he also said:

Celdran’s wife, Tesa, said that no details can be announced yet, but clarified that her husband passed away from “natural causes”. In the same Facebook post, it was said that the family is “making arrangements to bring him home”.

Celdran was 46.

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