Defensive Robredo lashes out, but can’t refute claims of using Taal tragedy for photo op

Defensive Robredo lashes out, but can’t refute claims of using Taal tragedy for photo op

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Yesterday, we posted another installment of our Netizens React series where we highlighted a citizen’s comment on alleged-Vice President Leni Robredo’s “relief efforts” for citizens affected by Taal volcano’s recent eruption. Unfortunately, Robredo doesn’t seem to be able to stomach any criticism, even though she can’t back it up.

Instead of giving any solid proof to disprove the netizen’s complaint, she went on a personal attack against Mocha Uson.

While our people are suffering from an unfortunate tragedy, this alleged vice president continues to receive salary out of taxpayers’ money.

Here’s the post Robredo was attacking:

That’s a classic example of an ad hominem fallacy. Robredo is avoiding the subject matter and turning down any genuine discussion (probably because she has nothing of substance to say) in favor of attacking Mocha Uson’s person and integrity.

Also – can someone please tell her that the Netizen’s React series just gives a platform to ordinary citizens to express their opinions and voices. We all know that mainstream media wouldn’t give them that opportunity, especially since it doesn’t fit in with their narrative.

Robredo, just like any other critic of President Duterte and his supporters, is free to speak her mind, defend herself, and voice her disapproval. Unfortunately, she and every other critic also consistently fail to deliver any valid points.

It’s easy to call things lies just because you don’t agree with them. Proving them to be lies is a lot harder, especially if you know they’re not. But you know that already, don’t you, Leni?

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