Designer John Herrera airs grievance towards Kim Chiu over FAMAS Awards Night dress

Designer John Herrera airs grievance towards Kim Chiu over FAMAS Awards Night dress

A quick summary of what went down between the two

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When celebrities attend big events like the FAMAS, they prepare all day with a glam team to look their best. Once they hit that red carpet, they’re camera ready, but also armed to answer the often posed question of ‘Who are you wearing?’ However, for this year’s 66th FAMAS Awards Night host Kim Chiu, the question of who she’s not wearing seems more important. John Herrera certainly thinks so.

Designer John Herrera fired off several shots in a Jun 6 interview for and on social media, calling out the camp of actress Chiu over leaving him on the rack. Supposedly, Herrera was contacted to dress all the hosts of the FAMAS awards ceremony: Robi Domingo, Piolo Pascual, amd Ms Chiu. Sketches were sent and approved and the gown was well on its way to make its debut under paparazzi flash. However, things soured when a fitting didn’t go as planned. According to Herrera’s dish, the actress’s ‘diva’ attitude seemed to resurface when his team, gown in town, was not allowed to enter her village. They unfortunately never made it past the gate. According to Herrera, “My staff was not even allowed into her village. Her team said we just ‘leave the gown sa guardhouse.’

In follow-up posts, Herrera claimed that gown was worth upwards of P100,000 and he’d find another client, one more excited to wear it. Still, fashion that pricey is understandably difficult to sign away to a guardhouse pickup. The confusion seemed to stem from Herrera’s camp believing they were tasked to dress the actress for the night, meaning she would definitely be wearing John Herrera. Herrera cites a conversation he had had with Donna Sanchez, who is part of the FAMAS production team: it seems that it – the dress – was always meant to join a pool of others to be picked over by the actress. Ultimately, Kim would decide her outfit. ‘Pag bet niya suotin, go. Pero ‘pag ayaw, hindi susuotin.” Herrera went on to give his firm stance: “This is not how I do business.”

To prove that every story has more than one side, Chiu’s long-time stylist, Patty Yap, came to the actresses’ defense. In an official statement published June 11 on, Yap clarified that the gown was not commissioned by her. The arrangements were made by the FAMAS team directly with the House of Herrera, with no involvement from Ms. Chiu’s camp. Also, there was still the real possibility that Ms Chiu would wear the gown, until of course, the moment Herrera backed out and took his dress back. The statement ended in defense of the 28-year old actress Chiu: “As Kim’s stylist for three years now, I can wholeheartedly say that never once did Kim exhibit any negative attitude as to what to wear or not during an event.”, Yap gushed. Not exactly a dive attitude, then?

Maybe it’s just a case of misunderstandings, miscommunication, and mixed signals. Either way, it seems the Herrera-Chiu team up was too ill-fitting to make the final cut (pun intended). The air seems to be on its way to clearing, considering it has been a few days since the event. According to Herrera, FAMAS organizers have profusely apologized to him over the whole mishap. On June 12, Herrera and Chiu had tweeted their thoughts and true sentiments at each other to make amends. Herrera posted screenshots of the tweets with his hopes of ‘#movingforward’.

Hopefully Herrera will soon find a buyer for the controversial dress, so we can put all the drama in the past. Or at least until the next awards season.

Though, from Herrera’s social media activity, it seems the shade may not yet be over, even with #movingforward. On June 14, Herrera re-posted an Instagram photo by Ms. Chiu’s co-host, Robi Domingo. Domingo was dressed by Herrera for the event. Captioning the photoset by calling Domingo a sweetheart, it may seem like Herrera isn’t quite yet ready to bury the hatchet.

John Herrera is known for his evening and special occasion wear. He’s dressed countless local and international celebrities. In 2017, his Agila collection bagged him the title of Britain’s Top Designer, a first for Filipinos.

Kim Chiu rose to stardom after winning the reality show Pinoy Big Brother. At the June 10 FAMAS Awards, Chiu wore two dresses as she worked her role as the night’s host – one by Benj Lenguiab, and another by Steph Tan.

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