Did Robredo Benefit from Vote-Shaving in Basilan?

Did Robredo Benefit from Vote-Shaving in Basilan?

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RobredoDid Robredo Win Because She Cheated?



Madame Vice President,

I hope you stop doing this. You need to keep your remaining integrity intact. The results in a lot of districts in BASILAN, the vote shaving/inflating capital of the Philippines, are UNBELIEVABLE.

I’ll believe it if you can explain convincingly why you received this overwhelming result in Tuburan, Basilan:

  • Robredo 94.56%
  • Marcos 1.65%
  • Cayetano 1.69%
  • Escudero 0.59%
  • Honasan 1.16%
  • Trillanes 0.34%

…and not in your own bailiwick Naga City, which you said was better than Davao City:

  • Robredo 88.78%
  • Marcos 5.80%
  • Cayetano 2.07%
  • Escudero 2.28%
  • Honasan 0.60%
  • Trillanes 0.44%

I would expect you to get the Tuburan result in Naga City, just like how Duterte got it in his own bailiwick, Davao City:

  • Duterte – 96.59%
  • Roxas – 1.18%
  • Binay – 0.52%
  • Santiago – 0.26%
  • Poe – 1.42%
  • Seneres – 0.01%

…just like how Marcos Jr got that same overwhelming result in one of his bailiwicks, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte:

  • Marcos 95.85%
  • Robredo – 2.07%
  • Cayetano – 0.47%
  • Escudero – 1.04%
  • Honasan – 0.28%
  • Trillanes – 0.26%

In your case, you didn’t receive that overwhelming support in your OWN bailiwick, but in Tuburan, Basilan, which is part of the vote shaving/inflating capital of the Philippines. So, why does Tuburan love you more than Naga City loves you?

I still feel that you don’t have anything to do with it, but if you keep on defending Aquino, you’ll suffer.

Remember what happened to Zubiri?

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