Discovering another side of Daku Island

Discovering another side of Daku Island

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It was my first time to visit Siargao Island last year. As it usually goes for first-timers, there’s always that mandatory island-hopping as part of your itinerary. The usual island-hopping tour around Daku Island, Guyam Island, and Naked Island is perfection; I wouldn’t change a thing. But if you have the option to enrich your cultural experience while you’re in Siargao, I’d encourage you to visit the other side of Daku Island.

From the tip of Daku Island (the part where the tourists usually dock), it’s a little walk down the stretch of beach until you reach the residential community. If you’re in luck you can even catch the locals with their recent harvest of sea urchins like I did. Sit down, have a chat, and you’ll be surprised how much they love to share about their home called Daku Island.

Colorful boats line the beautiful white shore of Daku Island.


This floating jetty could be more fun when the waves get big.


A welcome sign just in front of the floating jetty in Daku Island’s residential area.


Daku Island’s parking area for tourist boats.


Ate Luisa’s freshly gathered sea urchins or ‘tajum’ in Siargaonon. One small coffee cup of the sea urchin’s innards (the ones we eat) costs Php 60. She gathered these as per request from restaurants in General Luna, Siargao Island.


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