DOTr Asec shows off well-deserved traffic ticket to show that no official is above the law

DOTr Asec shows off well-deserved traffic ticket to show that no official is above the law

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Photo from Goddes Hope Oliveros Libiran's Facebook.

Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary for Communication Goddes Hope Oliveros Libiran broke the law – rather, she broke traffic laws by speeding and was rightly served a ticket for her violation.

According to the photo posted by Libiran, she was issued a ticket for going 129 kilometers per hour in an area of the highway which had a speedlimit of only 100 kilometers per hour.

While her actions which brought her to being pulled over by a traffic enforcer are in no way okay, she quickly turned the incident into a teaching moment for all motorists.

Despite her high-ranking position in the DOTr, Libiran did not think to use her name or status to get out of facing the music. She accepted the ticket because she deserved it. She posted a photo of the ticket to teach a lesson to everyone – no one is above the law. In fact, even if your job is to oversea transportation operations, you are still subject to the same rules and regulations you helped to craft. Libiran showed that laws are not conditional, meaning they don’t get harder or softer depending on who breaks them.

She captioned her photo aptly, and all those power tripping officials who think they can fly in the face of the law should pay attention: “Sumunod ka kung gusto mong sundin ka. “

She even mentioned in response to a comment on the post that the enforcer felt her name was a bit familiar. Probably, he’d seen it in some department circular. Libiran could have easily gotten out of the ticket, but instead she waved away his suspicions on her identity and asked him to write out the ticket already.

She ended her post with another important reminder – stop calling in your favors and lofty connections to get out of a measly traffic ticket that you very well-deserve. Like they say, accepting the consequences of your actions is the first step to growth.

Here’s to hoping more public officials follow Libiran’s lead and stop pretending they’re gods among us.

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