Duterte administration and Communist rebels sign deal to resume stalled peace talks

Duterte administration and Communist rebels sign deal to resume stalled peace talks

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The Philippine government and the National Democratic Front have signed an agreement on the 6-point agenda for the resumption of the peace talks. This marks a significant development in President Duterte’s efforts to put an end to one of the longest running communist insurgencies in the world.

According to Atty. Angela Librado, both panels “have agreed on the accelerated process of discussing all the substantive agenda of social and economic reforms, constitutional and political reforms, and end of hostilities. We also have reached an agreement on the issues of amnesty and ceasefire.”

Librado also shared the following update on her Facebook page


But what’s still disappointing is the fixation the local and international media has with Duterte’s wildly successful anti-crime crusade. The institutional myopia that seems to infect these so-called objective media outlets prevents them from seeing — let alone appreciating — the tremendous inroads that Duterte has made, not just with the NDF pace talks but also with the Muslim rebels in the southern part of the Philippines.

It is ironic that they continue crucify Duterte for the deaths of suspected criminals, and not just those killed by the police in legitimate operations but even those who are being liquidated by their own gangs to prevent them from talking to the authorities.

It is really a sad state to be in when the value of the life of an innocent victim is given far less weight than that of criminals. This is a direct result of the media amplifying the self-important pronouncement of idiots like Leila De Lima and Chito Gascon. How anyone can still take these clowns seriously after they had six years — six fucking years — to fix the drug problem and all they did was to sit on their asses is beyond me.

If there was any justice in this world, people will see that Duterte is working his 71-year-old ass of try to right the generations of neglect the Philippines has had from its leaders. Despite his advanced age, Duterte is driven like a man on a mission. Clearly he wants to make a difference.

And with the resumption of the peace talks with the NDF, he is on his way to make the biggest difference of all. He is poised to usher in a new era of peace in the Philippines, and finally the guns that have blazed in the countryside for the past forty years will grow silent

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