Duterte Fashion: Majoring in the major things of life

Duterte Fashion: Majoring in the major things of life

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Duterte fashion Photo from the Presidential Photographers Division

By Donna Daryl Eden Ampil

Several of my friends tagged me in a photo showing President Rodrigo Duterte during a military parade-in-review, sporting a Barong Tagalog with blue jeans! *shudder*

My friends knew that I’d get a massive headache seeing the latest presidential fashion statement, coming on the heels of President Rody’s barong and khaki ensemble during his inauguration. *shudder, shudder*

maong tagalog
Duterte fashion is a reflection of the President’s down-to-earth, no frills personality.

I’m not a fashionista. Not by a long shot. But I grew up in a household where the men from both sides of my family always conveyed an aura of sartorial elegance. They’re more vain than the women. (And they’re straight, by the way.)

From an early age I already knew the unspoken rules in wearing the barong, seeing my grandfather wear the long-sleeved polo barong to the office, the short-sleeved polo barong for smart-casual occasions and the Barong Tagalog for formal occasions. I learned which pants, colors, socks, shoes, belt, hat, textile material, should go with what.

Needless to say, the President’s choices, so far, do not conform to the rules because of his terrible allergies to certain textiles. He can only stand cotton against his skin.

But more than his fashion faux pas, what matters most to me is his performance in office.

After only 5 days in office, President Duterte is already proving to be a man of his word by addressing the rampant, multibillion drug trade plaguing our nation in naming 5 police genrals involved. Next he’s going after the mayors and governors in the local government units. Then down the line to the barangay officials.

By smashing down the far-reaching influence of drug syndicates, the President has already started addressing the problem of corruption.

I can’t wait for him to clean up the judiciary by going after the hoodlums in robes that walk the halls of even the Supreme Court! Because what would be the use of apprehending the big fishes only for them to slip away through the crooked judicial system?

Once he is able to curb graft and corruption in the three branches of government, it will create a ripple effect where the health of our country’s business environment will be revived, boosting the economy.

It is obvious that President Rody is using his effective work in Davao City as a template in addressing the ills of our country.

“He has done it by, first of all, assuring there is peace and order, that the laws are fair and uniformly implemented and he has been business friendly,” according to Sonny Dominguez, Finance Secretary.

So, to my friends who tagged me on the barong and maong photo, I will gladly suffer a 6-year headaches brought on by the sight of the president wearing khaki and barong or barong and maong. *shudder, shudder, shudder*

It is my way of majoring in the major things of life instead of majoring in the minor things. It is a small price to pay to see him work to push our nation forward and upward.

Pipikit na lang ako every time I see a picture of him wearing the barong without the requisite black pants. *SHUDDER!*

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