Duterte and his Game with the Generals

Duterte and his Game with the Generals

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So, you still don’t believe that change is coming? Well, here it is. Live and in person. President Duterte has rocked the boat in a huge, huge way by naming not just three, but five top police generals who he says are protectors of big time drug syndicates.

As expected, the internet is going crazy as people are reacting, commenting, and sharing the news as if it was the second coming. And in a way, perhaps it is. At least in the context of saving the country from the clutches of the drug lords.

Ever since the campaign there have been doubters and haters who have branded Duterte’s tough stance against illegal drugs and criminality as mere political grandstanding. There were those who even questioned his courage about going through with his promises.

But with this latest development, the Filipino people – Duterte supporters and doubters alike – now know that Duterte is not all talk. Here is a leader that is willing to put his life and safety on the line for the people. And make no bones about it, the President’s life is now in danger.

Those who have the most to lose with his expose will stop at nothing to reverse the changes that he is instituting. The illegal drug industry in the Philippines is a billion-peso business. Those that run it are not likely to give up without a fight. A big, big fight. This is a war that neither side cannot afford to lose.

But while the cartels have their guns and gold, Duterte has the whole country behind him. He has the support of the law-abiding, God-fearing people of this country who are sick and tired of how the country has been run for so long. Coming from all walks of life, they will rally behind the President and his reforms. And woe to those who would stand in the way of the Change that is coming.

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