Duterte gets more international support from netizens

Brits react to news report on Duterte

Duterte gets more international support from netizens

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While the local and international media persist on portraying Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as a blood-crazed dictator massacring innocent civilians in the streets of Manila, netizens from all over the world have been rallying to his cause.

First were the Singaporeans who expressed admiration and support for Duterte after a news story about his dedication to rid his country of the drug pushers.

Then came the Australians who took to the net to criticize 60 Minutes Australia for its biased portrayal of Duterte. Many of those who commented on the posted video said that the news show did not do justice to the issue by choosing only to show the side of Duterte’s critics in the Philippines.

In the latest example of people getting on the Duterte bandwagon, netizens shared various positive comments about the President on a report posted by Britains Channel 4 news. In it, Duterte lectures CNN reporter Jonathan Miller on the realities of the Philippines’ war against drug lords and the hypocrisy of western governments.

In his comment, Nick Bate says Duterte is “Fantastic…..he tells it as it is and doesn’t give a dam what others think. If other leaders were as honest as him this world would be a better place without these scum druggies. Well done Sir and respect to you.”

This sentiment was shared by Andy Ward He who said that Duterte “is absolutely right about America it never surprises me how western journalism is focused toward countries outside of our western hemisphere. His example about police shooting African Americans is to demonstrate the utter media bias and stilted focus.”

Adelina Ma. Dreyfus said, “Jonathan Miller – in your face! Mind you, do a little more research like ask the people in the slum area in the Philippines how they are affected by drug pushers and users, ask the 91% of the Filipino who are supporting President Duterte (I’m one of them) or might as well live in the slums for quite sometime, and you will face President Duterte with all praises and approval.”

And Thomas Hopkins added, “Thomas Hopkins Well done, a brave man with Guts, the rest of the World should follow this Mans example.”


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