Duterte offers carrots and sticks

Duterte offers carrots and sticks

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The last three speeches of President Rodrigo Duterte delivered before the police, armed forces, and the air force are so powerful because they have the following ingredients:

1. CARROTS  I will double your salary…If you do good, I will take care of your career (Case in point: PNP director general Ronald dela Rosa)…You will get all the equipment you need in order to fulfil your duties…I assume full legal responsibility for your actions as you fulfil your duties. The buck stops with me.)

2. STICKS  If you f*ck up this country, our youth, I will destroy you. Then names five powerful generals who are allegedly protectors of drug lords. Kabog!

3. SERMON  Pinapalamon kayo ng sambayanan, binuhay kayo, pinag-aral etc.. tapos eto ang isusukli ninyo sa kanila?

4. A COMPELLING CALL TO ACTION  “The criminals have hijacked…they have taken over our public streets and public spaces…We have to remove that fear [from our people]. We have to remove that fear. Let us transfer that fear into the hearts of the criminals.”

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