Facebook to support interactive games on video platform

Facebook to support interactive games on video platform

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Facebook has helped to form the new world of communication. The social media giant and pioneer has revolutionized the ways we interact with each other and media. Continuing this tradition, news came on Tuesday that new formats would soon be offered to make Facebook videos interactive.

The new formats would include interactive game shows, quizzes and polls. Now users can react in real-time to video content, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for the site. Possible uses could be for live game shows. Netizens are excited that this could be the start of a new age where you can join a game show or challenge, maybe even for cash prizes, all from the comfort of your own phone or computer.

Facebook’s entertainment partnerships team released a statement clarifying the motivation behind the development: “We believe that watching video doesn’t have to be passive, and that many types of traditional entertainment formats — from game shows to reality TV to scripted content — can be reinvented to be community-centric.”

The new formats seems to focus heavily on Live video streaming. Users will soon be able to run polls while streaming to encourage audiences to actively participate.

Facebook also announced its first few partners for the new formats. One, BuzzFeed News, is taking full advantage of the interactive dimension by launching a show called “Outside Your Bubble”. Contestants would have to challenge themselves to “step outside their bubble” and interact with the video’s audience by guessing what different social media groups are thinking.

Besides the new video applications, Facebook also announced earlier this month that it would be producing and releasing its own original news show, to be distributed on the social network. This is thanks to a variety of partnerships and collaborations with established news sources such as CNN, Fox News, ABC News, and Univision.

Overall, this means exciting developments are underway for both professionally produced shows and video content, and for individual users who enjoy recording and streaming.

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