Gabriela focuses on death penalty, martial law, instead of mourning slain teen

Gabriela focuses on death penalty, martial law, instead of mourning slain teen

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The other day a Grade 9 student was found dead in Barangay Bangkal, Lapu-lapu City; a gruesome crime that only those who have lost touch with their humanity can even imagine, let alone act upon. While most communities would use this as an opportunity to reflect on the current state of our nation, and the safety of the individuals within it, some groups have their sights set on toppling the current status quo.

Upon hearing of the brutal murder that was discovered the other day, The General Assembly Binding Women for Reforms, Integrity, Equality, Leadership, and Action or Gabriela, issued a muddled statement.

“We strongly condemn this monstrous act as we join calls for a thorough investigation so that justice may be attained. We are however wary that this death is now being used to push for the reimposition of the death penalty,” said the Gabriela.

It seems ironic that an assembly that advocates for the rights and issues that are geared towards women to be more hung up on the well-being of criminals who rape, torture, and murder innocent women. It is typical for an organization to lean a certain way on issues it opposes, but it seems blatantly disrespectful how they phrase their rhetoric. To mention their dislike for the mutilation of a young girl and the same breath say they don’t like that this issue could help the case of Death Penalty advocates feels a little too out of touch.

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