Get out of our politics, America

Get out of our politics, America

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Today, a United States Senate panel has approved a resolution condemning the Philippines for exercising its democratic sovereignty. Today, the Senate of the United States shoved their subjective and ill-informed opinions down our throats. Today, America invaded our politics.

Sadly for America, we’re not all brown little brothers in the Pacific who still buy into their so-called Dream.

Uninvited and underwhelming. This is this writer’s response to the US Senate’s resolution. It sounds like the type of uninspired and base-level criticism any anti-admin troll can spew.

They are calling for the freedom of detained Senator Leila de Lima. They are calling for all charges to be dropped against tax evader and faux-journalist Maria Ressa.

US Senate Resolution No. 142, filed by US Senator Ed Markey and four other lawmakers, asks for the end of the 1,000 days that Senator de Lima has “languished in prison”. The same document condemns the “harassment, arrest, and unjustified judicial proceedings” against Maria Ressa – yes, the scam artist pretending to be the face of Filipino free press to avoid facing her tax and libel suits.

The resolution assumes that the women are being persecuted for being critics of the administration. The resolution and the good Senators from the land of our former colonizers still buy into the idea that President Duterte is an iron fist of oppression. This is a myth sold by these two women and their likes. They sell it to the only people still buying – the foreign media, their foreign friends, their easily deceived western contacts. They cannot sell it in the Philippines anymore because we know that they are lying. 

The “critic” excuse is a diversion tactic. It’s a boo-hoo blanket to avoid facing any real responsibility for the very real crimes that these two have committed.

Leila de Lima is being detained because of her involvement with the largest drug-related scandal ever faced by the Philippines penal system.

Maria Ressa is a pathological liar and sociopath tax evader who runs an illegal foreign-owned media corporation. 

The Philippine government has been protecting its people, the integrity of its fourth estate, and the liberties of its democracy against people like Maria Ressa and Leila de Lima. Does it now have to protect itself against unwarranted and inappropriate foreign insults as well?

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