Girl loses book collection to termites

Girl loses book collection to termites

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If books are your best friends, then you might want to look away now. Don’t go any further. Seriously, this might really hurt you.

Okay, if you’re sticking around, then prepare for some graphic photos.

On July 1, Facebook user and avid book reader Dorcas Kyla Aguayo shared her heartbreaking story of loss on Facebook. The post is prefaced with hazard sign emojis and a Trigger Warning tag, cautioning readers to proceed with caution. She then tells the story of how a small misstep led to the loss of her beloved book collection. Aguayo’s explanation is short: she was away for most of the month of May, and she didn’t notice that termites had begun to infest her bookshelf. By the time she made the discovery, it was much too late and most of her collection was destroyed.

Aguayo’s post continues on to describe her relationship with her books and why the loss was so devastating. More than just things, the books represented her childhood and some of her best memories. She credits them for keeping her out of trouble during her teenage years, “Never rebelled as a teenager because I was busy reading and collecting books”. However, life got in the way and she became to busy with medical school to keep up her reading habit. The books feel into disuse and she blames this for why she didn’t notice the termite infestation in time.

Though she’s lost 70% of her collection, Aguayo is viewing this as a chance to start anew. Though she’ll never get her prized copies back, she’s thankful for being able to enjoy them. Let this be a cautionary tale to other book lovers out there: watch out for bugs.

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