Guard arrested for holding doctor hostage at East Avenue Medical Center

Guard arrested for holding doctor hostage at East Avenue Medical Center

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Patient Hilarion Achondo held an emergency room doctor hostage early yesterday morning. PHoto from PhilStar.

Police now have in custody patient Hilarion Achondo, 51, who early yesterday morning held a doctor hostage at the East Avenue Medical Center.

According to the police report filed on the incident, Achondo, who works as a security guard, was at the hospital to receive treatment for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

At around 5:52 am, Dr. Russel Carandang was attending to the patient in the hospital’s emergency room when he was suddenly taken hostage by Achondo. Reportedly, Achondo grabbed a nearby syringe and pointed it at the doctor’s neck.

Five officers immediately responded to the call placed by hospital personnel on the situation. Acording to Staff Sgt. Bienvenido Ribaya III, Achondo did not make any demands during the incident.

Following several minutes of police attempting to pacify Achondo, the patient lowered the syringe and released the doctor.

Dr. Carandang did not sustain any injuries from the incident.

Achondo, under police supervision, received treatment for his existing injuries from the motorcycle mishap before being detained. Both Carandang and Achondo were brought to the Quezon City Police Department Criminal nvestigation Detection Unit. Achondo is facing possible charges of grave coercion, alarm and scandal, and grave threat.

Police are currently investigating the possible motives for the crime. Investigators have rejected the theory that Achondo’s violent outburst was a result of healthcare professionals ignoring his need for treatment. Several patients were at the scene when the incident took place.

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