Here are the five Cebuano foods you MUST eat

Here are the five Cebuano foods you MUST eat

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Traveling to Cebu soon? Reading this post in your Cebu city hotel room to find somewhere to eat tonight? Want to make sure you get the most out of your Cebu trip food trip?

Make sure to eat these 5 things in Cebu!

1. Lechon

Image from Rico’s Lechon.

The late Chef Anthony Bourdain called it “The best pig ever”. Bourdain had traveled all over the world and sampled the cuisines of countless cultures, but this roast pork delicacy blew him away. No trip to Cebu is complete without some artery-clogging lechon.

Where to get it? We suggest Rico’s LechonSure, they just opened a branch in Manila, but what can compare to getting the real thing right where the spicy lechon started! There’s a reason why their slogan is “Da Best Gyud”.

However, put down the lechon sauce when in Cebu. The locals prefer Suka Cebu, a homemade vinegar concoction that pairs perfectly with the flavorful, tender meat. Top off with some calamansi and enjoy!

2. Sutukil

Image of Island SuTuKil by Kryz Uy.

It’s the “triple threat” of dining experiences – the SuTuKil is named so because it offers three ways of cooking (spoiler: they’re all delicious). “Su” is short for “sugba” which means to grill, “Tu” comes from “tula” or the Cebuano word for stew , and “Kil” refers to “kilawin” or the method of cooking fish or other meats in vinegar like a ceviche. Even the most picky eater would have a hard time turning their nose at the mouth-watering offerings of a sutukil.

Adventurous eaters can try their tastebuds at saang or spider shells.

3. Puso Rice

Image from Trek Earth.

Pair your meals with some puso rice. It’s delicious, warm, and portable! We didn’t know a rice meal could be eaten on-the-go, but we’ve been proven wrong!

The triangular little bundles of yum are boiled rice wrapped in woven coconut leaves. It’s also called hanging rice and it’s the ultimate treat for rice lovers.

4. Ngohiong

Image from

This is the Cebu version of a spring roll. It’s got everything you could want in a food – deep-fried, meaty, fresh tasting, and perfect for a snack. The battered rice-paper roll typically contains singkamas, ubod, ground pork, garlic, onions and minced shrimp. The secret ingredient of this is Chinese five-spice powder. This little twist on the typical roll makes it stand out. The sweet and sour dipping sauce that comes with it likewise contains the same special addition.

It’s quintessential Cebuano street food and an ode to the strong ties between Cebu and China’s Fujian province. It’s just one of those Cebu things that you can’t get anywhere else.

5. Mango Pizza

Image from the Pitstop Restaurant-Cebu.

Cebu Mangoes are famous all over the world. Tourist travel to the Philippines just to taste the fresh, sweet, and juicy fruits that Cebuanos get to enjoy all the time.

But for a twist on this timeless treat, try the Mango pizza! It usually has cheese, cashews, some bell peppers, and of course, a thick layer of mango goodness. It’s an interesting flavor of sour, sweet and spicy. Definitely a one-of-a-kind sort of food experience!


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