Kenny Rogers endorser Solenn Heussaff gets roasted by netizens over idiotic n-COV tweet

Kenny Rogers endorser Solenn Heussaff gets roasted by netizens over idiotic n-COV tweet

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The emergence of a new viral strain of the well known coronavirus family has triggered a number of public figures to release ill-thought out and frankly idiotic statements. Outside of the political sphere, we have the case of Kenny Rogers endorses and former so-called It Girl Solenn Heussaff.

Spoiler alert: Huessaff, who is best known for starring as the victims in her Argentinian model husband’s prank videos, does not have anything important to say. Her formal education is impressive, but is in fashion and make-up not governance or health.

But of course, she just had to criticize the government for not acting in the way she thought was best. And she was absolutely destroyed for it. See the slaughter below:[0]=68.ARDympZsYSOSAUmYtKt51nhSrU1EG_4Ni5r2D388bKl0w7jAa7FWQgKCb0tH7TVDGoQ80iSyC70MAMcc9UcsZeYynbceLd1I4PiJ8I-ttwrTeaMMKr6MQv2S8azJcqW1L7lDdmRlpM4GC6YodU-QkH_pDvYWjMpLNfpkpRlVwhi8IpR4WskvQuzkDf0oISAx4bD3XvHUBKCm4Lez7_nWC8XEPi5XYBqGFK_ngCDhheRp5exo1fG7lsNCNoJcqDdL5SjHBtVEmXBnEDr3r_vVmr63oUJjwwTHKEcQznGn_2_nBiOcAd-XibJJdAWGlzLD79hc3amNyx5z6p0as1d83JZJ9w&__tn__=-R

It’s not entirely Solenn’s fault that she just had to chime in. Critics of President Duterte have no political role models. Liberaly party President Kiko Pangilinan is too busy grandstanding and capitalizing on the issue to provide any real critique and alleged Vice President Leni Robredo is just a terrible human being.

Public policy is a complicated issue. Celebrities and “influencers” without an actual education in policy can better use their time inspiring their fans to donate or contribute to relief operations or maybe even use some of that wealth to fund scientific research.

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