Kiana Valenciano on why some friendships must end

Kiana Valenciano on why some friendships must end

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Genuine friendship, the kind that lasts through the good and the bad, is already hard enough to find. Now just imagine how much more difficult things would be if the stakes were raised with fame and fortune coming into the equation. In an interview with, singer Kiana Valenciano opens up to talk about what friendships are really like in the world of celebrities.

“I love my friends, I treat my friends as family,” Valencia shared. She continued with how she maintains her relationships, because it surely must be harder to do when your time is torn between work commitments and ambition is involved. She says “”I make sure to take care of the relationships that I have that prove to be worth it.”

Though that betrays the slightly cynical truth that not all friendships are made to last, Valenciano isn’t giving up on the possibilities of connections and forming bonds.

“I think that when you have a friend who is like a sister or who is like a brother, if you guys treat each other with the same amount of respect, and you love each other, that’s the type of friendship that you can say that will last a lifetime,” she says, describing the kinds of relationships she likes to keep.

In the same interview, Valenciano mentions her many childhood friends: Nadine [Lustre], Luaren [Reid], Ria [Atayde], and KC del Rosario, who she has known since she was 10. She calls them her ‘core-group’ and stresses that she’s choose quality over quantity any time.

“I’d rather have a small, close-knit group of true friends than a big group of fake friends,” she says. “That’s why in my life, I’ve cut off people—not to say that we’re not friends anymore—but they aren’t in the core group anymore.”

It seems she has taken the advice of cutting out toxic people in her life to practice. Not to say that she balks at any challenge that friendships may have to work though. On the contrary, Valenciano says that “you can’t test a friendship without a little bit of argument here and there.”

Her interview leaves us with a few secrets to friendship:

  1. Never let a small disagreement turn into a huge fight
  2. Communication helpsfights
  3. Understand each other (or at least try to)

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