Kids increasingly exposed to online cyber attacks

Kids increasingly exposed to online cyber attacks

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By Aerol John Patena, PNA

MANILA — Internet cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab warned parents in the Philippines that their children are increasingly at risk from cybersecurity threats online.

A study by Kaspersky revealed that web-based infections in the country increased by 230 percent at 31.89 million in 2018 compared to 9.49 million in 2017 which were scanned and blocked by its products when users accessed websites or downloaded files.

The company said that 82.46 percent of web threats for the period of January to December last year have attempted to attack home users in the Philippines.

“Kaspersky strongly advises Filipino parents to keep a closer eye on their children’s online activities on the heels of soaring web threats the company has been monitoring in the country,” said Kaspersky in a statement on Thursday.

Data from the cybersecurity company disclosed that the following websites are the most popular among Filipino children: software, audio and video (42.04 percent); Internet communication sites such as social networks, messengers, chats and online forum (29.17 percent); e-commerce or online stores (16.04 percent); news (4.76 percent); and computer games (3.76 percent).

“When it comes to kids’ online safety though, we recommend that parents should step in so that the balance is tipped for good. By staying in constant contact with them plus getting a little help from advanced security solutions, parents can continue to harness the positive benefits of the Internet and keep their children safe from online dangers simultaneously,” said Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Kaspersky Southeast Asia.

The company advised parents to be in constant communication with their children and monitor their online activities from an early age.

Parents should likewise avail of the resources provided by some companies or organizations such as parental control software as well as tips and techniques to better manage kids who use digital devices.

Around 33.4 percent of the country’s population comprise the 0-14 age bracket while 19.16 percent are from the 15-25 age bracket based on statistics from data portal IndexMundi. (PNA)

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